Senior Care Pharmacy chosen as one of only seven independent LTC pharmacies to participate in Phase 1A vaccine distribution

Senior Care Pharmacy of Alabama has been chosen as a Phase 1A vaccine provider in Alabama. This is an honor to be part of the vaccine rollout, but it is also a huge commitment of time and money. But it’s the right thing to do which is one of our values as a pharmacy partner. We need to help our senior living customers get rid of this virus and open their doors to visitors.
Senior Care Pharmacy has invested in Ultra Cold Chain Storage Systems for the Pfizer vaccine and agreed to adhere to 21 specific requirements by CMS. Included in those requirements is an agreement for Senior Care Pharmacy staff to administer all vaccinations and report all required information. Over the next few months, we will be making preparations and communicating with our customers any information we learn in anticipation of an approved vaccine.
Even though the facility assignments have not been made, we expect to be holding three vaccination clinics in over 85 senior living communities.
It’s a great time to be a long term care pharmacy and provide a solution that our customers desperately need.