March 20, 2021

After three months, Senior Care Pharmacy has administered over 21,000 vaccines to residents and staff of senior living communities

Over 7 months ago, SCP made the decision to be a leader in our countries vaccination efforts and began to develop our plans.  A couple months later we were chosen by the CDC, along with a handful of other pharmacies, to participate in Phase 1a.  After a lot of hard work and planning, in December we began to offer on-site vaccine clinics to our customers and other LTCF’s in the state.   At that time we committed to offer 3 on-site clinics to all of our customers.   Well, 3 months later and this week marks the beginning of our 5th clinics.  To date we have administered 21,775 doses at over 350 clinics state wide.  Our Nurse Consultants, Pharmacist Consultants, Account Managers and all the internal staff have worked tirelessly to make these on-going clinics successful.   SCP was one of only a few pharmacies in the nation that participated in Phase 1a and the only pharmacy in the nation that continued to provide on-site clinics.  In the days and weeks to come other pharmacies will begin to participate in the new Federal LTC Maintenance Vaccine Program.  This new maintenance program is designed to offer on-going vaccination options to staff and newly admitted residents in LTCF’s across the country.  This is nothing new for SCP since we have continued to offer clinics even after the original program ended.  Because of our decision to continue to offer on-site clinics, SCP customers have the added benefit of vaccinating more staff and residents then other LTCF’s and ultimately savings lives and improving quality of care.   Our hard work does not end there because until the efforts to beat Covid is over there is still work that needs to be done.  So in the coming weeks SCP will continue to provide the much need vaccine to our customers and we will continue to look for unique ways to transform and improve on how we deliver the vaccine(s) to our customers.
February 22, 2021

Senior Care Pharmacy has increased its support to Platinum level.

As a 20 year supporter of LeadingAge Alabama, Senior Care Pharmacy has increased its support to Platinum level. Senior Care Pharmacy has always been dedicated to senior living facilities and their trade associations. This partnership with Leading Age Alabama shows that we are more committed than ever before to the mission of this organization.
December 18, 2020

Pfizer vaccines have arrived!

Senior Care Pharmacy has received an allotment of Pfizer vaccines and will begin clinics as early as next week. What a wonderful Christmas gift! The much anticipated vaccines are here, and we have vaccination clinics scheduled for over 85 senior living communities in Alabama. We are so excited to get be a part of this historic event and know that this effort will save many lives. Our hope is that skilled nursing and assisted living facilities will return to normal within the next few months.
October 21, 2020

Senior Care Pharmacy chosen as one of only seven independent LTC pharmacies to participate in Phase 1A vaccine distribution

Senior Care Pharmacy of Alabama has been chosen as a Phase 1A vaccine provider in Alabama. This is an honor to be part of the vaccine rollout, but it is also a huge commitment of time and money. But it’s the right thing to do which is one of our values as a pharmacy partner. We need to help our senior living customers get rid of this virus and open their doors to visitors. Senior Care Pharmacy has invested in Ultra Cold Chain Storage Systems for the Pfizer vaccine and agreed to adhere to 21 specific requirements by CMS. Included in those requirements is an agreement for Senior Care Pharmacy staff to administer all vaccinations and report all required information. Over the next few months, we will be making preparations and communicating with our customers any information we learn in anticipation of an approved vaccine. Even though the facility assignments have not been made, we expect to be holding three vaccination clinics in over 85 senior living communities. It’s a great time to be a long term care pharmacy and provide a solution that our customers desperately need.